What activities can be conditioned?

algunos iconos identificativos de actividades y recursos en Moodle You can set any conditions for any activity or resource. The following conditions can be programmed for activities or resources:
  • Assignment: The student has sent it or not and the grade
  • Chat: The student has participated or not.
  • Choice: The student has answered and what their answer is
  • Forum: Topics started, number of messages, success (number of answers to a specified message) and grade
  • Glossary: Entries added and the number of comments made
  • Lesson: Grade, answer to any question etc, and number of matches
  • Book: The student accessed to it or not
  • Quiz: Rating and answer given any of the questions
  • Wiki: Number of times they edited it
  • Workshop: Obtained grade
  • For any resource: The student has accessed to it or not.
You can also contition on:
  • Elapsed time (in days) since they first entered the course
  • Elapsed time (in days) since the beginning of the course
  • Elapsed time (in days) from a predetermined date
  • Student language
  • Student country