What does this demo do?

diferent learning paths - Photo by Elsie esq. on Flickr
This demo has two phases:

  • First phase: You can log in as guest
As guest, you can see two books: this one and another one with the same information in Spanish. They both descirbe conditional activities in Moodle.

  • Second phase: You must create a user account
Conditional activities act in a personalized way, depending on what each participant is doing in the course. To see how they work, you must create an account and log in as that user.

This second phase consists of:
    • Chosing the language to use in the demo (All the items that not match your language choice will disappear)
    • A page on which it is proposed to introduce yourself (conditioned by the selected language)
    • Introducing ourselves forum (conditioned by the selected language).
    • General forum about the course (conditioned by having seen the proposed activity)
    • A page on which it is proposed to create elements in a Test course, and condition them to other elements (conditioned by sending your introduction in the forum)
    • A book which describes how to create conditional activities in a course, step by step (Conditioned by having seen the description of the previous activity)
    • A book which describes how to download the conditionals code and how to install it in a server (Conditioned by having seen previous book and having done the activity in the General forum about the course)